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$199/Year, renewal $99


Enrollment in the International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (IAAM) is accessible to medical doctors (MDs), doctors of osteopathy (DOs), naturopathic doctors (NDs), nurses, as well as all allied healthcare practitioners and institutions with a distinct focus on aesthetic medicine.

Benefits of Our Membership

Discounts on registration fees for the IAAM scientific events and meetings
Free subscription to IAAM online journal and newsletter
Discounts on equipment and products by sponsored and affiliated exhibitors of products
Discounts on courses and CMEs offered by the IAAM
Being listed in the IAAM member director
Being eligible to become Board Certified for qualified MDs, Dos, NDs, and Nurses
Prestigious IAAM membership certificate
Inclusion in IAAM Job Hub
IAAM wallet-size ID card

Become Board Certified

Being eligible to become a board Certified for qualified MDs, Dos, DDSs, NDs, Nurses and Aestheticians. Eligible members have the potential to attain Board Certification, a recognition granted by the Scientific Board of the International Association of Aesthetic Medicine upon the successful fulfillment of the designated educational curricula.

Become an IAAM Member