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About Us

Why should you join IAAM?

The International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (IAAM) is a officially registered entity operating as a federal institution under the category of a non-profit corporation.

IAAM functions as a not-for-profit professional organization with a primary objective of advancing and upholding the standards of ethical aesthetic medicine and surgery within the rapidly evolving field of medical and surgical practices. Enrollment in the International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (IAAM) is accessible to medical doctors
(MDs),doctors of osteopathy (DOs), Dentists, naturopathic doctors (NDs), nurses, and aestheticians (conditions apply) as well as all allied healthcare practitioners and institutions with a distinct focus on aesthetic medicine. We take great pride in serving our global counterparts engaged in cosmetic dermatology/surgery and aesthetic medicine by offering comprehensive training and unwavering support across all aspects of their professional endeavors.

Our Commitment.

IAAM is dedicated to instructing and preparing physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals who aspire to incorporate the scientific and technical dimensions of aesthetic medicine and surgery into their professional scopes. Within IAAM’s framework, the primary objective is to furnish the most thorough, foundational, and advanced training programs in aesthetic medicine and surgery. This equips practitioners and clinicians with the confidence and immediate capacity to integrate this knowledge and these procedures into their practices.

Recognizing the significance of enhancing and refining skin and body aesthetics across all age groups, IAAM is resolutely committed to promoting public awareness and concurrently advancing member education and training. This commitment drives the evolution of aesthetic medicine and surgery as a continually expanding and progressing multidisciplinary field, aligned with the highest standards of practices and cutting-edge technologies on a global scale.

What we aspire to.

The International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (IAAM) stands as one of the largest, most esteemed, and highly influential global organizations within the medical and professional domains.

IAAM is deeply committed to achieving excellence, advancement, and safety within the realm of Aesthetic Medicine. Its core dedication revolves around imparting training and instruction in the realm of Aesthetic Medicine and surgery, fostering the growth of knowledge and education. IAAM serves as a dependable hub where medical professionals including physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other related healthcare practitioners can access ethical and structured training in aesthetic medicine and surgery. The ultimate aspiration of IAAM is to establish steadfast standards and progressive education, ensuring a consistent level of excellence in the perpetually evolving field of aesthetic medicine and surgery worldwide. IAAM members not only gain the opportunity to confidently expand their expertise and prepare themselves professionally through state-of-the-art techniques and superior education, but also experience a sense of unity and belonging by engaging within this unique international professional community.